I simplified a bit to avoid describing every beat of this battle, but after using Dark Void the Smeargle used a rather weak water attack (don't recall what it was) that hit both Hawlucha and Dragonite for a small amount of damage. That's when the Red Card activated. Of course the item itself did not directly boost… » 2/25/14 4:05pm 2/25/14 4:05pm

Most Players Will Never Know About The Best Change In Pokémon X And Y

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are the friendliest Pokémon games ever, both to new players and to jaded old-guard types like myself. The series has never been easier, and at the same there are more options than ever before. But there's one tiny change in the new Pokémon games that has the hardcore competitive community of players … » 10/28/13 4:00pm 10/28/13 4:00pm

The Only Reason I Still Own An Original Xbox

Every girl I date seriously must eventually pass a test. It happens at a certain point in every relationship I have; by then she basically knows what she's getting with me, including my tendency to get weirdly obsessed with things. The bands Titus Andronicus and Belle & Sebastian, for one thing, or Game of Thrones. I'm… » 9/01/13 12:30pm 9/01/13 12:30pm